IBM Watson adds hybrid cloud developer tools

May 8, 2015

Via: itCurated

IBM Watson this week began rolling out new hybrid cloud capabilities that will integrate IBM Cloud with a growing number of cognitive computing and content analytics services in the Watson Zone on Bluemix, IBM’s open standards-based cloud innovation platform.

Big Blue says the new capabilities will help clients bridge enterprise data with Web-based cloud applications for faster and more insightful data intelligence.

A growing number of organizations these days have adopted a hybrid cloud environment, with some data on-premises and/or a private cloud environment and other data in the public cloud. According to a March 2014 IDC study cited by IBM, 80 percent of new cloud applications are predicted to be big data-intensive, and hybrid cloud capabilities have become key for enterprises that want to have the ability to link data and workloads across multiple cloud environments or combine external data with on-premises, traditional IT infrastructure.

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