Using Generative AI in Software Project Management to Bridge Domains and Accelerate Productivity

June 19, 2024

Via: InfoQ

I have 25 years of experience developing software and leading teams and organizations. I transitioned back to product work and coding this year, which coincided with the ready availability of generative AI assistants built using Large Language Models (LLMs) such as Claude3, ChatGPT, Llama2, and MistralAI. Their timely availability has been invaluable to me.

Gen AI Assistants play to the strengths of professionals with a breadth of experience, particularly software developers who can describe what they want the LLM to complete and critically evaluate the result. These tools enable us to swiftly cross divides of domain language and scale large repetitive tasks down to interesting ones on a human scale. When used carefully, they even facilitate work fundamentally about human interaction.

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